Adobe Premiere Keyboard Covers for MacBook and iMac

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The Adobe Premiere Pro CC MacBook keyboard cover and iMac keyboard covers are the ultimate way to get all of the Adobe Premiere Keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips. Edit faster and protect your Mac.

The keyboard cover contains over 100 shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Each key contains the shortcut icon, shortcut text reference, standard typing letter and color coding. The colour coding works by grouping similar tools together in a way which makes your eyes find the tools faster. 

Accelerate your editing speed in Adobe Premiere Pro CC by over 40%

In addition to shortcuts, the Adobe Premiere keyboard cover is an ultra thin keyboard protector which protects your Mac from coffee spills, dust or dirt.

The cover is also fully washable, so you can keep your keyboard as clean as possible.

Why does it look different to my keyboard?

We've designed a special cover that fits over all keyboards from the USA, Canada, UK and Europe so you can be sure your cover will fit like a glove! (A keyboard shaped glove.) The mould is designed to fit around all keys no matter the region.

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3x de R$ 50,00
R$ 180,00 R$ 150,00
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