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Your new backlit Final Cut Pro X Keyboard is the ultimate way to accelerate your workflow and massively enhance your editing speed in Final Cut Pro X.

The new keyboard is fully backlit so you can work all through the night, or reduce eye strain in that dimly lit edit room.

The keyboard feature over 150 keyboard shortcuts for Final Cut Pro X and cleverly colour groups them so you can find similar tools fast. For example, all timeline functions are in blue and play functions are in pink. This technique helps your eyes identify similar tools in a workflow much faster. 

Each key features the shortcut icon, shortcut text and the keyboards standard typing letters for regular typing.

  • Backlit keyboard for Final Cut Pro X with 3 levels of light.
  • Increase your editing speed by over 40%
  • Colour coded shortcuts
  • High-quality keyboard keys
  • Backed by 1-year warranty
  • Used by more FCPX users than any other backlit keyboard

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3x de R$ 199,99
R$ 629,00 R$ 599,99
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